Median UI 1.7 Premium Blogger Template Free Download

Today I share with you the Median UI 1.7 template, this template is also known as the "national" template because it is loved and used by many brother

Hello friends! Today I will bring you a "national" template that everyone must know. That is the Median UI 1.7 template, this is the latest update of the Meidan UI template developed by Jagodesain, in this version you need to spend $13 to use up to three domains. However, today I share with you guys with unlimited use, which means you don't need to spend money and can still use it with full features!

Median UI 1.7 Premium Blogger Template Free Download

In general, in Meidan UI 1.7 there is nothing new and special compared to 1.6 besides adding a Bookmark to make it look good. The rest I don't see much of a change. Specifically, you can see the features in version 1.7 below!

Features of Median 1.7

Specifically, here are the changes of Meidan UI 1.7 that I have compiled:

  1. Define your own design, can change more colors and backgrounds through Customize Blogger Theme.
  2. Change header logo size via Customize Blogger Theme.
  3. Bookmark this post |
  4. Copy to Clipboard button on Syntax Highlighter.
  5. normalize.css v8.0.1 |
  6. New article elements: Guide list, Pros/conslist list , Manual lightbox image.
  7. More stylish options on the table.
  8. List of labels at the end of the post.
  9. darkMode v2.0, adds a default system-based dark mode option.
  10. timeAgo v2.0, Easier to choose timestamp format.
  11. Product Post v2.0, Added 10% to 90% discount option.
  12. Widget slider v2.0.
  13. Easier to learn material.
  14. Write simple code structure.
  15. Change the location of Profile widgets.
  16. Easier to change some default text, you can now change some text through Blogger Layout.
  17. Hide part of profile description too long.
  18. Moved the Blogger comments column to the first section.
  19. Fully use Iconsax | .
  20. Automatic lightbox visualization, currently this feature must be added manually.
  21. Sitemap on staticPage.
  22. Distributing feature.
  23. Contact Form widget on a static page .
  24. Some widget layouts don't fit when re-added.
  25. Can't add a link to an image in a post.
  26. Improvements to JSON schema, added alternate profile and photo urls to avoid errors.
  27. Incorrect thumbnail size on Safari browser.
  28. Known/reported bugs.
  29. And more...

Demo and Download

This template was bought by a brother of mine and shared with me. I have removed the license part so that you can use it for free. Therefore, the version that I share with you is 100% original (not a RIP product ~~). You can check out the demo below!


Ok so I have shared with you the Median Ui 1.7 template, in the future I will share many more templates so don't forget to follow my blog to receive the Blogger templates very vip pro. Have a nice day!