Flowchart Functions and Their Types

A flowchart is a diagram that provides an overview of an algorithm, process, or system of a computer or network. Read more here..
Flowchart Functions and Their Types

If you are someone who is involved in the IT world, especially programming, the term flowchart must have been heard a lot. Flowcharts are one of the things that must be understood by programmers and other parties involved in software development.

Are you curious about the meaning of flowcharts, functions, and their types? Come on, see the full explanation that will be presented below. Do not let you miss all the important information.

What are Flowcharts?

First, let's discuss the meaning or definition of the flowchart itself. Flowcharts or flowcharts can be defined as diagrams that provide an overview of the algorithms, processes, or systems of a computer or network.

Generally, flowcharts are used for the needs of documentation, learning, planning, and evaluation of work processes in a system. Flowcharts are usually composed of symbols such as flat shapes or two-dimensional shapes.

The use of symbols is intended so that the flowchart can be concise and detailed at the same time. Some of the most common forms of symbols found on flowcharts include arrows, ovals, and rectangles.

You can make a simple flowchart with hand drawings. If you need a more complex flowchart, it is highly recommended to make it on a computer. Complex flowcharts are composed of many steps, processes, and workflows.

Actually, flowcharts are not only used in the software development process. The use of simple flowcharts can also be found in the presentation of a company's Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).

Flowchart function in Programming

Flowchart is a flow chart that has a universal function. However, on this occasion, we will discuss more deeply about the flowchart function in programming. Here's the full explanation.

1. Guidelines in Software Development

The first and main function of the flowchart is as a guide in the software development process. Programmers who develop applications or software must pay attention to the following points

  • Appropriate programming language
  • The flow or process that occurs in the program
  • End users who will use the software
  • User interfaces (UI)
  • Application function to be used

So that the things above are not missed, programmers need a flowchart. Because all the points above will be outlined in the form of a flowchart. That way, programmers can be greatly assisted in developing programs in a flowing and dynamic way.

Without a flowchart, the program development process will not run efficiently and effectively. This happens because programmers do not have guidelines in carrying out their work.

2. Make the Program Design Universal

The design of a program or software can become universal thanks to a flowchart. Everyone who sees it will be able to understand the design of the program regardless of the type of programming language used.

Because it can be easily understood, flowcharts can be made by anyone. This will obviously make it easier for the programmer in charge of translating the flowchart into program code.

3. Describe the Process in the Program

This third function is related to the second function. Flowchart serves to explain or describe every process that occurs in the program. 

This will make it easier for programmers to explain the progress of the software development they are working on. In addition, flowcharts will also help explain to end users about the working steps of a software.

4. Ensuring the Program is Made According to the Flow

The last function of the flowchart is to make sure the program is made according to the flow. This is important because the program developed must be able to work properly later. 

Developing programs according to the flow also avoids any harmful malfunctions.

Types of Flowcharts

Did you know that flowcharts consist of many different types. Each is also applied to different fields. 

- Process Flowcharts

Process flowchart is a diagram that describes the sequential steps of the process and the decisions needed to make the process run well. Steps are represented as a shape. 

While direction and process are symbolized in the form of lines that connect one form to another.

- Flowchart Programs

Program flowcharts are created to show the flow of power when writing algorithms or programs. This type of flowchart serves to quickly explain the process when program development is done in a collaborative way by several people at once.

This one flowchart also represents the logic used behind the program. But the function of the flowchart program is not always like this. Its function can be adjusted according to needs.

- Schematic Flowcharts

Schematic flowcharts are not only made with symbols that represent processes. In the presentation also uses the symbols of the equipment used. 

The use of these symbols is done to make it easy for readers to understand the intent and purpose of the flowchart. The reason is, not everyone understands the symbols that are often used on flowcharts.

- Document Flowcharts

Document or paperwork flowchart is a type of flowchart that is useful for tracing the flow of a form from one section to another. It doesn't stop there, this flowchart also shows how to process, record, and store reports.

- Flowchart system

The last type of flowchart is system flowchart. The definition is a diagram that describes the flow of all work that occurs in a system. Not only that, the system flowchart also describes the details and sequence of each process and procedure in the system.

Flowchart Symbols and Their Functions

Based on the explanation above, it can be concluded that a flowchart is a diagram that describes the process flow. Its function is very important in programming, namely as a guide for programmers in developing software.

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