8 Back End Developer Duties and Required Skills

Back end developer is a developer whose job is to handle the server side of a software. You can learn the various skills above if you have the desire
8 Back End Developer Duties and Required Skills

Back end developer is an important part of developing an application or website. The reason is, websites and applications are not only developed for their outer appearance. But there is a server side that actually becomes the "life" for the software.

Recently, many people are interested in pursuing the profession as a back end developer. This is also supported by the high demand for the world of work. What are the duties of a back end developer and what skills are needed? Check out the full explanation below. ‍

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Know What is Back End Developer?

Before discussing the tasks and skills required, you should know what a back end developer really is. 

The back end is the server side or server side of a website or application. So, a back end developer is someone who has the expertise to design or develop software on the server side related to logic and databases.

The goal is to ensure that the application/website can appear and be used as it should. In general, the job of a back end developer is to check the various core programs and features behind the software.

Back end developers also have to manage databases and manage API integration. In essence, back end developers must ensure that all programs behind the software can run perfectly. 

Back End Developer Duties

In the explanation regarding the meaning of the back end developer, we have discussed a little about their duties. Is that all? Of course not. Below is a more detailed explanation of the duties of a back end developer. 

1. Perform Database Design

The database is the place where all data related to the application/website is stored. The data in question, for example, user data, product data, and so on. Therefore, the database must be prepared before developing an application or website.

The first back end developer task to design an efficient database so as not to burden the server. Security also cannot be ruled out. The database must be designed to be as secure as possible. 

2. Improving Existing Data Structures

Back end developers don't always work from the start of software development. Not infrequently they have to handle software that is already operating and already has a lot of data in the database.

The next task of a back end developer is to improve the existing data structure. This is done so that the database remains efficient, the server can work properly, and software performance can be increased.

3. Designing Website/Application Flow

The next task of a back end developer is to ensure users can experience a good user experience. The trick is to design an easy and efficient software usage flow.

The design of this software flow is no joke because it requires high coding skills and programming logic.

4. Coding and Testing

After designing the flow for the website/application, the back end developer must put it in the form of program code. This process is usually referred to as coding. 

Testing or testing must also be done to ensure the program code can run properly. Testing can be done in the middle of writing program code or after writing the program code is complete. 

5. Manage Website/Application Security

Security or security is an absolute thing in every website or application development project. The reason is, currently there are many cyber crimes that threaten users. 

Therefore, developers need to ensure that the software they are developing has a good level of security. Back end developers at least understand hacking techniques, for example phishing, deface, and SQL injection. This is so that the hacking action can be anticipated from the start.

6. Overcoming problems that appear on the Back End

The server side or back end of a software may experience problems. If this happens, the back end developer has a duty to do troubleshooting. Problems must be found and then fixed so that the error does not reappear.

7. Research and Evaluation of Website/Application Design Display

Especially for this one task, the back end developer must communicate with the front end developer. This is done to ensure that the appearance of the software is in accordance with the database structure on the server side. If it is still not appropriate, it needs to be evaluated and repaired.

8. Create concepts/ideas to be added to the application

The last task of a back end developer is to create new ideas or concepts to be added to the application. This must be done so that the software can always meet user needs and attract new users to use the software.

In order to be able to carry out all the tasks described above properly, back end developers need to master several skills. Here's an explanation.

1. Back End Programming Language

The programming language that must be mastered by back end developers is the language that is used for the server side. The most basic example is PHP. But now it has started to be abandoned and switched to Go Lang, NodeJS, Ruby, and Python.

2. Database Management

Back end developers must understand management or management starting from creation, data input, data editing, data deletion, and so on. There are two types of databases that can be learned, namely NoSQL and SQL. Both are used for management of different data types.

3. Back End Framework

The framework was created to make it easier for developers to do repetitive coding. So, developers don't always have to code from scratch. Some frameworks that should be mastered include Laravel, CodeIgniter, Django, Rails, etc. Just adjust to the programming language used.

4. Understanding API and its use

Application Programming Interface or API is useful so that software can communicate with each other. Back end developers must understand the API and its use so they can create software that integrates with many other software.

5. Server Management

Server management must be understood by back end developers because the scope of work is indeed here. The server itself is the part in charge of receiving and processing requests from users. 

6. Git

One of the most popular Git is Github. This is useful for back end developers who are developing complex software. Git is used as a Version Control System which records every change to the code.

Back end developer is a developer whose job is to handle the server side of a software. You can learn the various skills above if you have the desire to become a back end developer.

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