7 Ways to Overcome AdSense Rejected due to Site Navigation Problems

Causes and How to Overcome Blogs/Sites that are Rejected by Google AdSense due to Site Navigation Problems
7 Ways to Overcome AdSense Rejected due to Site Navigation Problems

Apart from inadequate content, site navigation problems also occur quite often. Unfortunately, many bloggers don't understand what rejection means because of site navigation issues.

Causes of Google AdSense being Rejected due to Site Navigation Problems

In general, there are several reasons and causes why Google AdSense is related to this site navigation problem; starting from: 

  • Google found the site difficult to crawl; both by crawlers and readers
  • Preparation of menu navigation that is less clear
  • Menu navigation is not User Friendly, meaning it is not friendly to readers/visitors (confusing)
  • There is a broken link in the navigation menu
  • The URL of the page to go to on the navigation menu is empty
  • Excessive pop-ups
  • Violating Google AdSense program rules and policies
  • The page behind the restricted login/access process
  • Dialer Program
  • Unreadyness of site pages to be submitted to AdSense
  • Pages currently being created or not yet launched

Of the several points above, perhaps what is a bit confusing is the problem of excessive Pop-ups. Because in fact, Google does not provide further clarification about this Pop-up problem, whether it is an advertisement in the form of a Pop-up or something else.

7 Effective Ways to Overcome AdSense Rejected due to Site Navigation Problems

Personally, to be honest I've never had this problem; because what I experience most often is being rejected by AdSense because of inadequate content issues.

Further more, if your website is rejected by Google AdSense because of problems with site navigation, there are several efforts you can do; among others are:

  • Sites should be easy for crawlers, both by crawlers and readers
  • Site navigation should be clear -- not confusing
  • All page URLs targeted in site navigation contain active URLs and have articles in each category
  • Avoid, replace, or modify broken URLs in site navigation menus
  • As long as the website is submitted to AdSense, avoid URL Redirects to other pages
  • Avoid using Program Dialers
  • Make sure all URLs are active and nothing is broken

Furthermore, you must also be willing and/or able to comply with all AdSense rules and policies; as well as reviewing whether the site is ready for Google AdSense or not at all.

That's it, what are the reasons, why, and causes for Blogspot or websites being rejected by Google AdSense because of site navigation problems and how to overcome and fix them. Ok hopefully useful.

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